Sunsail Owners Publish Book

Sunsail ownership review

Sunsail Owners Paul Jacobs and Nancy Kaull have published a book chronicling their 5 years in the Sunsail ownership program. In Voyages: Stories of ten Sunsail owner cruises, the couple takes readers on ten owner use charters at exotic destinations around the world, and also shares some personal stories and details about their decision to join the program. The destinations featured include the Bahamas, Croatia, the British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Turkey, Grenada, Greece, French Polynesia, and St. Lucia.

The book provides a user perspective on charter yacht ownership, from contemplating the pros and cons, to deciding to purchase, to booking and using owner time and even deciding what to do with the boat at the end of the program. Plus, it's a fun read for any sailor who yearns to visit some of the best charter destinations around the world. With their detailed descriptions of anchorages, towns, meals and interactions with local people, Paul and Nancy paint a picture for the reader that’s only enhanced by the included images. Describing an anchorage in Croatia, Paul writes "Wednesday morning 23 September 2009 dawned bright and sunny, with not a cloud in the sky. We could then see the monastery clearly as it was probably only 400 ft away. We also heard its lovely bells being rung evidently calling the friars to a worship service, as we saw a number of them walking towards one building among many, presumably the chapel. At 7 am the air temperature was already 78° F while the water temperature was 72° F. Cool, but very refreshing during our regular morning swim. It was not every day that we got to swim off the open transom of a sailboat in amazingly clear water near a Croatian monastery!”

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