Running the (Fuel) Numbers on a Power Catamaran Atlantic Crossing

Power catamaran cruising range

What kind of range do power cats have, and how much does it cost to fuel long passages? Team Leopard has shared the fuel consumption numbers from a Leopard 43 Powercat delivery from Cape Town to Brazil earlier this year. Here's an overview of the stats the delivery crew provided:

Cape Town, South Africa - St. Helena - Vitoria, Brazil

  • Mileage: 3750 nm
  • Days at sea: 27
  • Average cruising speed (on one engine, for best balance of performance/fuel efficiency): 6.2 knots
  • Total fuel consumption: 3400 liters / 900 gallons
  • Avg fuel consumption: ~1 liter/nm

For the full story of Captain Mike's transatlantic passage on a Leopard 43 PC, visit the Leopard blog.

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