• Charter Yacht Ownership

    Charter Yacht Ownership

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    Private Yacht Ownership

  • Pre-Owned Yacht Ownership

    Pre-Owned Yacht Ownership

Charter Yacht Management programs vary in structure, typically providing worry-free ownership, income, and the opportunity to enjoy worldwide sailing destinations.

Customize your ownership experience with private yacht ownership. Enjoy your choice of location, layout, and equipment on your yacht.

Brokerage yachts offer exceptional value and are often fully-equipped at the cost of the previous owner.

The Right Yacht For You

Most cruising boat buyers are interested in yacht ownership for many of the same reasons: dreams of freedom, adventure, travel, closeness to nature, peaceful evenings on the dock or at anchor, and more. However, not all buyers have the same needs when it comes to boat ownership.

The growth of the yacht charter industry has introduced new ways to own a boat. Instead of just traditional, private yacht ownership, now there is literally an option for everyone. Charter yacht management programs commonly attract buyers who appreciate cost-offsetting income, reduced maintenance responsibility, and sister ship usage opportunities around the world. Private yacht buyers enjoy complete flexibility and choice of equipment. Used boat buyers find value in yachts that are not only already depreciated, but often already outfitted for cruising. Though each style has its own selling points, they all offer access to what is most important to every buyer: time on the water.

This site introduces a handful of ownership programs, explains the benefits of different ownership styles, and also offers tips for purchasing and owning a yacht. The ownership opportunities are provided by industry leading brands The Moorings, Sunsail, and Leopard Catamarans, all members of the Travelopia group of companies. For more information, read about us.

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